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Payment type changed, Klarna still wants payment

Payment type changed, Klarna still wants payment







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I have changed my payment type on your platform from klarna to paypal. Paypal has charged the fee correctly, nonetheless Klarna mentions the bill as open and will press further charges in a couple of days. I see no option to conduct the change inside the klarna app, so my questions is if you are able to forward the information that the amount is paid and no further orders have to be created? Thx, Jan


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Hey, @Jayjay23 
Welcome to the Spotify Community, and thanks for reaching out to us!

If you changed the payment method and the new one is being displayed on your plan management page, everything should be fine. You mentioned PayPal already charged you, so just to make sure this information is available on the Spotify side, you can check your receipts page

If for any reason Klarna charges you again for the period that was already paid by PayPal, you can let us know to double-check that. I hope it won't be necessary, anyway.


Stay awesome!

If you have further questions or if you need anything else, let me know! I'd love to help!

Luan 🇧🇷

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Thx and it is as said, after PayPal charged the April fee , Klarna aswell charged it. There is no return still and no availability of help on Klarna side. Thx for caring, Jan 

Hi @Jayjay23,


Thanks for the reply. 


Klarna works a little different from most payment methods we accept at Spotify in that they charge your payment a month later. In other words, from what you've described, it's most likely that you paid for April with PayPal and the open payment Klarna is messaging you about is the previous one for March. You can also double check this via the receipts page as mentioned by @Luan.


Please reach out to Klarna as soon as you can to clarify this and pay any outstanding bills you may have in order to avoid further fees. 


Hope this clears things up.

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Ich habe das gleiche Problem. Klarna hat am 09.04.24 mein Konto mit meinem Premium-Beitrag belastet und Spotify hat meinen Zugang trotzdem gesperrt. Was kann ich machen? Wirklich ärgerlich.

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