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Hi I tried to add the student discount while updating my new payment method to my Premium account and wasn't able because my account is Mexican and I am studying in the US. So when I had to proof my education I cound't. Then when trying to pay the normal preium account my card is not being accepted. So I had to downgrade my account to a free, but now I want to upgrade to preium again and my card is still being declined. 


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To get your card accepted,  try the following:

Log into your account page on the Spotify website
Select "Subscription" in the left panel
Click "Update Details"
Click "..." for more options
Click "Change Country" and select the country you want to moving you account too
IMPORTANT Choose a payment method that is based in the new country (i.e. the billing address is in the country)
Confirm the change by clicking "Change Payment Details"

Once done, you should be able to apply for the discount. 

Good luck!





Hey @robymendoza, welcome to the community!


Since your Spotify account went back to Free, you'll need to update the country to the US following these steps.


Once the country is updated, you'll be able to get the student discount or Premium.


If you're getting any error messages when entering your card details, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using an incognito window.


Let me know how it goes.

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