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Playing different songs

Playing different songs






(iPhone 8 plus)

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When a song I played on a playlist finishes, it starts playing another song which is not in the playlist and I’ve never heard. 

I tried loging out but nothing. Why this happens?


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Spotify's algorhythm seems to pick a song similar to what you were just listening to so that the music doesn't just stop. This is normal.

But if I’m listening to a playlist I want to hear the songs on the playlist. They sound different ones although there are songs that hadn’t been played.
Thank you.

That's I've never experienced before. Are you talking about playlists that
you create or the playlists that Spotify gives you when you search
for songs? If it's your playlist it should play all of the way through then
find something you might like based on the algorithm. If it's a Spotify
playlist then I can see this happening.

Hey @Lauu, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

If you don't like that feature you can go to Settings > Playback and disable Autoplay.

Learn more about it in this article.


Thanks 🙂

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