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Premium/Facebook confirm password loop

Premium/Facebook confirm password loop

Hello Sir,
I'm logged in spotify; but I want to buy premium.
Everytime I click on "Confirm purchase" it keeps taking me to facebook to enter password - I enter the password, it takes me back back to Spotify confirm purchase page, click on it, takes me to facebook to confirm password again.. and so on..
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Bump -- I have the same problem!  All I want to do is give you my money, Spotify!  Why won't you let me?


@Zenrevolver wrote:

Bump -- I have the same problem!  All I want to do is give you my money, Spotify!  Why won't you let me?


Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Have you tried entering your payment details on your online profile before subscribing, and once you have done that, going and subscribing again? 


If that doesn't help, have you tried a different browser? 



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Thanks for the thoughts Peter as I just ran into this problem but this really should get fixed.  Spotify as a whole seems to miss a lot of these coding issues, even on their app (e.g., can't remove accidentally radio station selection).  Regardless, hopefully your suggestion will resolve the issue.



I tried your sugestion re: (re)entering my credit information and trying again. It didn't work. And I'm not going to install a different broser when I'm already using Explorer 10. If there's no reasonable answer, I'll just have to pay someone else for their services instead of Spotify. 😞


From what I gathered from other threads, is that we each need to open a support ticket. Letting them know the issue. They will then need to clear our payment history so that it looks like we are signing up for the first time and not resubscribing then once that is done we can upgrade as if its the first time and not have a loop. It looks like an error in the database of the site. Unfortunately for me right now it is 9:45pm in Norway so looks like im musicless all night at work here in Florida.

I'm having the same problem. First it was an issue with the zip code, now its an issue with the very next step in the premium purchase process. I've tried multiple browsers along with every other way to input my information, nothing has worked.


I've been trying for about a month now to resubscribe to premium. Please help before I spend my money elsewhere

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