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Premium Family Accounts Overlapping

Premium Family Accounts Overlapping

Despite having separate accounts within a premium family plan, why do my husband and I kick each other off while we are using apps on our iPhones in separate locations with our names appearing at the top of the screen? Also, his recently played music appears in my recently plated music, but no visa versa.


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It sounds like you both are trying to use the same Spotify account to listen to music at the same time. To be able to listen to music at the same time, all family members need to have their own Spotify account. If they don't have a Spotify account yet, they can sign up on


You can learn how to invite family members to your Premium for Family plan here:


Let me know how it works

Have a nice day 🙂

I'm pretty sure we have our own accounts. I invited him via email when I originally established the account and when he has his app open, his name appears at the top of the screen. Any other possibilities?

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