Premium not appearing on laptop, only on mobile device

Premium not appearing on laptop, only on mobile device


I have had Spotify Premium for the past 2 months and recently (today) had to resubscribe to it for some reason.

My Spotify profile online shows that I am a premium account holder.

The premium is showing on my mobile device, HOWEVER it IS NOT appearing on my laptop. On my laptop, it still says that I am only a "Free Listener". I still have to put up with advertisements and whatnot.

I should not have to pay for Premium if I am not going to get what it should be delivering.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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i have kinda like the same problem i have paid for premium on the net but the premium doesn't come up on mobile or my spotify


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Please note it can take some time for a premium subscription to activate across all devices.

1) Try reinstalling Spotify.
2) Make sure you're logging in with the right account; it's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify details!


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i have reinstalled and i am sure that i log in with the same user both places but still haven't got premium any places but if i go to my profile it says i have paid for it


There is currently an ongoing server issue with upgrades, more information and updates are being made on this topic



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