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Premium not working, duplicate account?

Premium not working, duplicate account?

I upgraded to spotify premium about an hour ago, however both the mobile (iPhone) and desktop (mac) apps aren't recognizing my account as premium. I have tried logging out and reinstalling both applications as well as deleting plist and cache files. I believe that I may have some sort of duplicate account situation because when I try to edit my spottily profile it says that my email address is being used by another account, even though that is the email associated with this account. It seems like at some point I logged into spotify with my facebook account, which automatically created a profile with the same email address. I'm not sure if that is what is causing this problem, but I believe it may be. It is also not allowing me to associate my spotify account with my facebook profile, which is probably related.


Edit: Looks like spotify support was able to get it sorted out

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