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Premium not working

Premium not working

Hi, my premium doesn't seem to work on my phone even though i have it. What's the problem?
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Can you verify you are logging in on your mobile with the account that matches on the receipt that was sent to your email? If you have a Spotify account try logging in with that username and password instead of the Facebook login, or vice versa.

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Also check here to see that it shows an active Premium subscription.

Im so so mad at Spotify, Ive using this app like for more than 3 years now in premium, always recommending this **bleep** and now that finally coud buy my dad a smartphone I change to the familiar account, premium, with an uncle and a cousin who lives in the same house!!!!! we are only 4 people in total!!!!!... well Spotify kicked my dad and cousin out and pisses me off that not had the amability to let me know and trying like a hundred times I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED and still paying more than being 1 person... It has been days since my dad can not listen to music with no wifi and he thought he was a dumb old man... Spotify you suck!!!! you are garbage... And no way to let you know this!!!!! 

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