Premium subscription not working on mobile/iPod

Premium subscription not working on mobile/iPod


Over a month ago I signed up for the month free trial to Spotify premium and in doing so agreed to continue paying the subscription after the trial had finished. However, I didn't actually receive the free premium subscription, and thought that maybe this was a glitch and I hadn't actually signed up. The money has been taken from my PayPal account in the last couple of days for premium subscription but I when I log on to Spotify from my laptop, iPhone and iPod it says I'm still using spotify free but the website says I'm using premium?!?!


Confused and a litte p'd off!

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Similar, I signed up for the free trial, received a receipt but it still says I'm a free user.



same paid for it and online it says im active premuim user, but my devices wont update my status


Hey guys 🙂 


There are a few issues going on here, so choose whichever below applies to you. 


If your online account shows as premium, but your devices won't pick up the subscription try following the steps in this post making sure you are logging in using the correct details since it is amazingly easy to accidentally have two accounts, one with a Spotify username and password and another using your Facebook email and password. 


If your online account shows as free, but you are being charged for premium then you most likely subscribed on another account or you have a duplicate in the system. If you need help tracking that account down, or getting your subscription refunded/moved to the correct account, you need to get in touch with customer services using the online contact form and they will be able to assist you. 



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I just signed up after taking a few months off of premium.  I was looking forward to jamming some spotify on a road trip this weekend.  My iphone keeps offering me radio even though I just gave them my credit card again.  Spotify needs a call center if they are going to become the music provider of choice.  Please help!


Thanks for your help but I've just tried logging in to both accounts and both say that my subscription is to spotify free. Not impressed :(. Will use the online contact form as you have suggested.

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