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Problem in mobile log in... only possible offline. Error facebook syncronization

Problem in mobile log in... only possible offline. Error facebook syncronization

Hi, I am a new premium user, and a really unhappy one.


I signed-in for a 30 day free trial and got my paypal account charged 2 days later.


I decided to let it go, but after a couple of days, my mobile phone has decided not to let me log in. I enter the correct password and it tries to syncronize with facebook, gives me the message "Error in syncronization, try later".  I re-installed the app, and it didn´t help. It eliminated the music I had in the mobile, so I cannot even use it offline. The error only comes when I have the phone connected to data.


I do not want to syncronize, or share songs with anyone I just want to use the service I am paying for! Can you remove what seems to be an add from my account?


Thanks in advance!


2 Replies

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂


Firstly, with regards to your paypal charge, you can contact the payments team directly using the online contact form and someone will be able to look into it for you, possibly refund you. 


Secondly, what type of phone are you using? 



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Hi, thanks for the quick reply.


I am using an HTC wildfire with Android.


Last week I could log in without issues, this week whenever I try to log in after 1 second showing my lists this sort of web site pops up asking me again for my Spotify credentials or if I am a new user and suggesting that I share my music on facebook.


When I re-type my spotify user, it gives me the message that it is not possible to sync with facebook to try again later.


Gives me the impression of a publicity pop-up going wrong.


Again, thanks for your help.


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