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Problem to log in

Problem to log in

I changed my phone from Android to Symbian, or whatever it's called, recently and now trying to use Spotify on Nokia. While I'm trying to log in, with my Facebook account, it says "Username or password incorrect." And that's why? Have I missed something, like, Spotify does not work in Nokia? That wouldn't be suprise.. Anyway, I can normally log in on a computer, no probs. So can you tell me why it doesn't let me log in on a phone?

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What kind of Nokia is it? Lumia XXX (XXX being the number).

Spotify should be working on Windows Phone OS and on few others.
Does your credentials work in and logging in?

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Hi pettepi - Welcome to the Community!


When you joined Spotify you created your own unique username. Please just sign in with that username + your Spotify password. 


If you need to reset that password just click here

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