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Problem using password to pay account

Problem using password to pay account

I've tried to upgrade my account and the password button; after clicking on it; says it's the wrong password. Yet this same password logs me into Spotify, so what's going on? Don't tell me I have to open a new account, because I've already done this and then my next month's payment was refused and here I am back again. Hey, don't you want my business? Starting a new account involves opening another e-mail account that I don't need, because when I tried to just add one to my Comcast account, your program still refused to take the account. I'm about ready to give up.

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I have same problem.


A couple of things you could try here.

* Log out of Facebook, and trying the process again.
* Failing that, try using a different browser altogether - Google Chrome, Safari, anything you don't normally use.
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