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Problem with Facebook Connect

Problem with Facebook Connect







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 I can't connect Facebook with Spotify, the button inside of configuration, doesn't work, I tried everything, but I do not know what's wrong with this.
Thanks for your attention.

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Hi there, 


I know someone who has had the same problem in the past. What they did is make sure you have all your account info right, make sure your computer is up to date. Make sure your Facebook log in info is correct and try refreshing the page. If the configuration button isn’t working it might be a problem on their end. You can try contacting Facebook support for it. The problem should fix itself soon enough. Good luck :)!

Usually with these type of issues, it's an internal Spotify issue. I would suggest logging out and back in, re-installing the app, etc. But by the sounds of it, these are things you have already tried. I would give it some time, usually these issues are internal within the app, and something beyond your control. Hopefully, an update for the app will happen soon correcting the issue. Here's to hoping it's solved soon for your sake. 🙂

Hey @agof0011.


If in the past you've created an account with your Facebook profile, then you won't be able to link your Facebook profile to a legacy Spotify account. You'll have to find and close the account which has been created with your Facebook profile, wait 48 hours and then try again to link your Spotify account with your Facebook profile.


It's very easy to create an account via your Facebook profile. So it might have happened that you created one but you forgot about it.


Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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