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Problem with subscription

Problem with subscription



I have took Spotify Premium trough TeliaSonera. Now when I logged in to Spotify it says that I have only Free even I know that I have Premium. I have called to the phoneoperator and they have checked that all seems to be OK on their side and I have received bill normally all the time. They told that I still have the Premium and they can't do anything about it.


So What to I have to do to get my premium license back (which I still should have and I'm still paying on it)?


This isn't the first time when this happened. Once earlier spotify did the same and then I change new account. Now I don't want to do that anymore, because I don't have free email account's anymore and I don't want to lose all my playlists again.


So do something about it, I'm your customer! It doesn't seems to be fare to pay for premium all the time and still you have downgraded me to free.


I have already filled the form, but I just got answer to visit here, so I'm also pretty pist off!!





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I have been checking your account and it seems your are a free user, so you probably have duplicated accounts. Since we need private information in order to check this and fix it, one of our agents will contact you within the next 24 hours. 


Thanks a lot for being patient. 





Community Manager

Use the "Accept as solution" button if your problem has been solved 🙂

♬Music is life♬



No one has contacted me?


I shouldn't have any another account under the same account name or e-mail. As I earlier wrote I may have had another account before, but I have to made new one, because this same thing happened before. Then I got the information that, it was the solution that I have to made. Now I know that's not the solution, because I'm at same situation now.


What information do you need to fix this? Please send me e-mail and I will give those information to you. I want fix this as soon as possible, because I'm paying for unlimited all the time.



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