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RBD albums not available on the USA!

RBD albums not available on the USA!

Hi I upgraded Spotify for the past 3 months & I thought that by doing that I was going to be able to hear more songs. ...however I can't believe non of the Latin Pop Phenomenon RBD none of their albums are available on the Usa when they were a big success a couple years ago! Also some albums/songs from Thalia queen of latin pop are availablenon the usa how come??
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No matter what subscription type you have, free or premium, you will have access to the same songs.


Premium removes the ads and also gives you unlimited access on the mobile apps as well as other benefits.


The reason the music you want is not available, is because the artist or their label has decided to not make their music streamable on Spotify. The music available is not up to Spotify. The artists and the labels chose if they want their music on Spotify. So in the end Spotify has nothing to do with the fact that the music you want is unavailable. It's the artist or their label that have decided to not let people stream their music on Spotify.


Hopefully this clears up any confusion you have.

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They're back on Spotify

nevermind they took it off again!

Seriously it made me so sad Bc I like steaming to it when I sleep Bc I'm on a rbd phase again Bc I started watching it on Netflix so I want to listen yo it with ju phone off but since they took it off my phone always has to be on Bc I only can listen to it on you tube

**bleep** same I need RBD back on Spotify please

Please put RBD on Spotify. Its the only reason I got spotify.. I should have gotten Apple Music

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