RSP Program Waiting For A Long Time

RSP Program Waiting For A Long Time


Hey, I'm happy to wait longer just wanna know my results! Over 48 hours ago I got A Message From a Mod with a link (Not going to say for Privacy) To become a Rasing star (At-Least Try) I filled out the form most Rockstar says it takes 48 Hours Just wondering! 


(Note: It been more than 48 hours)


- Ben 🙂 

(If Any Mod Or Rockstar Wants Proof Ask and Ill Private Message You What I got) 

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I see this is a duplicate post, please refer to the posts which you’ll be able to find by heading to your notifications.

As mentioned, there isn’t no specific time frame on a response and the team have to manually and individually work through each application. The 48 hour time is a rough time frame dependant on a range of factors, such as how many other tests they need to review and the team that review these applications also have other critical tasks which may arise which will take priority.

If the team have decided to take your application further you’ll be notified through a notification to your account, if not I’d assume you were unsuccessful right now.

All the best,

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