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Re-enabling Spotify Premium failing

Re-enabling Spotify Premium failing



After a credit card renewal by the bank, my automatic Spotify Premium payment failed last month, as I forgot to update my account. My membership was changed back to a Free membership (without any real warning from Spotify). Only at that moment I received an e-mail from Spotify saying there had been a payment problem and that my membership was changed back to Free. 


I updated my account information with the new creditcard number, and tried to upgrade back to Premium. On the confirmation web page however, my password keeps being refused (wrong password entered), although I use exactly the same password that I use to logon to the Spotify client or my account.


I have tried the same procedure multiple times on an iMac and on a Windows 7 pc, but keep getting the error message. I logged out from the Spotify client, tried again, logged back in, tried again, logged out from Facebook, etc, nothing helps. I have raised a ticket with Spotify but have no response yet.


Thanks for any useful input you might have!



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Same with me and i know many more who can't update their account information. 

Spotify do you not want our money?

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