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Redeem code doens't work

Redeem code doens't work



Today i put in a code from a physical giftcard from the Albert Heijn in Holland, i should be able to download 10 songs now. However i can't download a song without paying for it. I think i should be able to download 10 songs witout paying for it now. When i put in the code this morning, i got a confirmation and it told me that my account was upgraded to download 10 songs.


I already contacted Spotify with this question, the answer was to go here.


Is there someone who can help me? Of course i want to download my 10 songs

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Hello there,

Welcome to the community.

I've taken a look our database and we'll need a little more information in order to get this sorted. Could you send us over an email at all, with the card number and the PIN starting with "BHN"?

To get in touch, just head up and click on "About Us", and then select "Contact Form".
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Hello David,


I send an email to Spotify like you told me to, second one this day. I hope it can be resolved! In the email i mentioned the cardnumber and the pincode.


Hoppefully it can be resolved


Thanks for that - I will pass your case onto the appropriate department now.
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I have the same problem

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