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Reduce premium cost




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I’m on a Spotify premium trial, and I’m enjoying it. However, when it’s over I will not renew. If the price point were a little lower (perhaps $5/month), I would. How many others out there think the same? 


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Hey @q0-mhcbp_v4zl, welcome to the Community!


Thanks for the feedback. We currently have a subscription tier at that price, but it's for users attending an accredited college/university.


If you're a student, you'll be able to sign up for it here.


Hope that helps.


Re: Reduce premium cost



Total ungerecht, die Preispolitik bei Spotify!!!


Ich nutze Spotify schon eine ganze Zeit und soll 9,99€ im Monat zahlen. Jeder Neue der sich anmeldet, bekommt 3 Monate für 0,99€  :(

Ich werde nun erstmal kein Premiumabo abschliessen, mal sehen, ob ich dann auch wieder bessere Angebote von Spotify bekomme.

Sven Schales

Re: Reduce premium cost


Hey @Sven_Pixelfrog.


I hope you don't mind us replying in English.


I understand your frustration and will gladly pass your feedback on to the right team. If you'd like to go back to Premium, you can always do so here.


All the best.

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