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Resetting password... Help please!

Resetting password... Help please!

I forgot my password, so I signed out of my account so I could reset it. I requested and received an email that would allow me to reset my password. But when I open the link, it says it is invalid or already used. This is not true, I've requested and attempted to reset my password several times, and this message keeps popping up. I've tried copying the link and opening it in a separate window as well. Nothing works... Please Help!

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Getting the same issue!!, frustrating

Well I got mine fixed 🙂 was putting the full email in the login field when it's meant to just be the username part

Didn't solve the password reset problem, but just tried logging in using my email address as the username like you said, and guessed my old password and was able to login... So problem solved for now, but still confused! Thanks

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