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Rogers subscription

Rogers subscription

I have had spotify before i found out about the Rogers promo, how can i connect spotify to my rogers account so i can get the 24 month free.

Rogers told me i wpuld have to cancel and rejoin but i would assume id lose allmy music...
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Hey @shzane, welcome to the community!


Don't worry, your account will stay exactly the same when you switch over to the Rogers promotion. The only thing that changes is how your subscription is funded. First, let's cancel your current subscription here. Then, sign into your MyRogers account, go to the Account Overview tab, go to the What You Have section where you selected your content experience, and then click the “Manage” button. On the following page, the phone numbers of the family members on your plan should be listed within the drop-down menu. Select the phone number you would like to register for Spotify and click the Register button. You will be taken to the Spotify sign-in where you log in with your account. Once signed in, you can proceed to rock with your subscription!


Let me know if you run into any issues or have any other questions! 🙂

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Hi, i tried following your instructions but it seems like once i get to the manage your experience, its not redirecting me to a page to register my device or numbers. Maybe a new format for the website im not sure!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.17.28 AM.png

Try to clear your browser cache, and then try with a Incognito Mode on. If that's not working try with a different web browser.

Hey, do you see the screenshot I sent you? Where do I click to manage my selections? I tried clearing cache, tried a different browser I'm still getting the same thing 😞

According to Rogers website the path should be MyRogers > Account Overview > Experience (Spotify). Also make sure you don't have a Adblock enabled.



Got your issue fixed?

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