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Saved music no longer saved.

Saved music no longer saved.

All of my saved music says that it needs to be downloaded again. I have definitely used the internet within the last 30 days so that is not the issue. Why has this happened and how can I fix it without downloading them all over again?
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Hey @Meagan08!


That's not cool. Could you send over the following info? 

- Do you have any cache-clearing apps?
- Did it happen after your phone restarted/battery died?
- Do you have more than 3 offline devices?
- Have you been offline for 30+ days?

Keep us posted.



The issue happened to me twice.. No I don't have a cache clearing app. I haven't been offline for 30 days and I don't have other offline devices. It happned when the music stopped playing in my headphones even though it was playing on Spotify.. So I restarted the phone and lost all saved albums except playlist.

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