See who follows my playlist?

See who follows my playlist?


I recently saw my playlist has 29 followers. Just curious and wanted to see who are following it. Is that an available option?

I remember few years ago when I used to get a notification when someone would follow me or my playlist.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


This idea has been suggested hereWe're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


Have a nice day 🙂

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Unfortunately, Spotify has removed the ability to see who follows you -- only the number of followers is shown. 


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This sound be fixed!  So we can see how follow our playlists!!!




Thanks, but I don't see this fixed. I cannot see who follows my playlists on desktop or mobile app. Can you please explain how you can see this?


spotify lacks more social interaction. it should enable this feature 


Personally, spotify should take into consideration that the only reason most people ever started up their account, was for the apps social environment (lyrics, chatrooms, viewing playlist followers, etc...) the fact that they took that all away, when they were all clearly stable and capable implements to the app. Is by far the dumbest and inefficient way to run anything. if you have something that makes you uniqe, and that draws others in with a smile on their faces while tellings friends which cause a ripple in the social market, then you don't go and **bleep** that up by taking it all away. i have 43 followers on my playlist, and i have gotten about 9 this year. i would like to take a peek at those who took the time to listen to my playlist and love it to the point to follow it. i would like to see their playlists too and learn some new music like i use too.


Dude, Spotify has their reasons for not allowing certain things, just let it go - and no, Spotify is not a social platform, although it might have certain characteristics of one. The biggest benefit of Spotify is having practically every song ever written at your finger tips. I think not being able to see your playlist followers is a small price to pay for even being able to have a playlist for them to follow. Count your blessings.


Yeah i wrote something similar to you when i created a similar thread back when they first removed those features and i received a tonn of "likes", yet they haven't done anything about it. I loved having those feautures myself.


Strongly agree


Cant see its solved, many (so I) would like to have some better informations about who is following. Personally I would also like to know from which country the followers come from, which music they listen - pure curiosity. But thats far away from the situation now, actually they are no informations at all. Thats poor ! Recently I lost 20 followers over night, was asking myself who, why ...? They dont like my playlist anymore? They dont   like spotify anymore ?


I totally get your point here, hpoc00_darwin, but since it seems to be a requested feature and is so simple to implement, it kinda makes me sad they don't put it to work.
Well, Spotify might have its reasons for not doing it.


I can only speak for myself, but one of the main reasons I don't follow that many acquaintances' playlists is that I don't want to appear too much of a stalker. Truth to be told, it's happened more times that I've copied all songs and created a new playlist from them, than me following a playlist. 


It could be that Spotify noticed more people than me doing this, and tried out to see if hiding the followers would increase people following playlists. Knowing this, I'll probably follow more playlists from now on.


It's a bit of a bootleg solution, but say your playlists are only followed by a few people -they most likely are your friends on spotify. If you follow each other you can see what each of your public playlists are, and if they've followed your playlist it'll show up on their public playlists. That's how I know a few of my friends listen to my playlists etc.
Sadly this won't solve it for a further reaching playlist where you have many followers, because understandably it's not just your friends following it.
I agree that spotify should provide some metrics for your playlist. Even if it isn't the accounts of who's following, at least some figures for number of plays, excluding yourself, in various time ranges, and so on. This wouldn't conflict with keeping peoples accounts hidden, and I dare say something they will find easy to code - it's going to have very similar structure to how they count and display song plays.
Hope this somewhat helps! I think in the meantime we should just suggest to spotify to add these changes -the more voices the better 🙂


how come no solutions could be called as yes "it is the solution!"? 



Sadly that only works if they have marked the playist as public on their own profile. I have a few friends that I know follow my playlist but who havent marked it as public on their own page - so even as the creator, I can't see it. Some of the others I've made that they *have* marked as public, I can see. Its really annoying.


Yeah, Spotify is great, but features like «block» and being able to moniter who follows your playlists is essential for a sense of security and comfort of using the app. I have no idea if people following my playlists are friends or people I would really like to keep out of any kind of account I have. It becomes an all or nothing thing with your publicity or privacy. No acces for your friends or full access to absolutely everyone. In this area, Spotify is severely lacking. 


I do not accept this as an answer! clearly, Spotify is not listening to its customers and this "Spotify community" for that matter. 


I would like to know because I normally follow back those who follow me. And I wanna see what kind of music and playlists they have so I can listen and discover other music. I also continuously like to expand my playlists so discovering music from them is a way to do so. But I only have one person following my playlist though whom I don't know who they are. Oh well.


I don’t understand why great features are continuing to be removed. I have been a premium member for years and great, unique, paid subscription worthy features (scrolling lyrics, apps, long press previews, seeing who follows your playlists, etc.) keep getting taken away. How is this helpful?


Totally agree, thanks. Also direct message inbox gone.

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