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Sign up errors

Sign up errors

Hello, guys


3 or 4 weeks age I try to register and subscribe in your service, but i get an error. 
Today I returned and tryed do it again, but I have this errors again. 4 weeks, guys! Are you in holidays?


Let me show this errors, if your developers and testers are to lazy.


1. Fill all fields in sign up form
2. Check the reCaptcha tick
3. Press "Sign Up" button and goes nothink


In Chrome developers console there is lot of error messages, the last one is "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined". I think, it can't set validation message into undefined html-element, or somethink.


I check HTTP-response message. I can't show your a request part, but there is a response:


'{"status":400,"message":"Bad Request","errors":[{"code":15,"field":"locale","message":"Value is missing","translatedMessage":"Your username contains characters that we do not allow"}]}'.


There are no "locale" or "username" fields in the form.


So the question: Can I pay you 10euro/month? Or you don't want my money?


PS: MacPro, macOS High Siera, 10.13.3.
Chrome, 64.0.3282.186 64-bit
Safary and Firefox some problems

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Try to use VPN server to register.

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