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Signed up for 30 days trial but doesn't appear

Signed up for 30 days trial but doesn't appear

I have just set up my 30 day free trial, entered my payment details and it said I'd get charged from the 27.08.2013 unless I cancelled my subscription, however, now when I go into my account it says "You are currently using spotify free" This really worries me as I cannot cancel a subscription and worry that I'll get charged in the future. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi. Take a look at this post to see if it helps.

Thanks for your reply. I have now received the confirmation email which says I'll be charged if I don't cancel in time, and my account appears to be a premium account but still whenever I log in it says "upgrade" and it says I'm currently using spotify free. Is there anyway I can actually contact someone working for spotify so they can have a look at my account?


Thanks for your help!

Hi there,


I'm having the same problem, except I've gone over my free trial period and am paying £9.99 per month. Would be great if someone could get in touch!


Many thanks

I've just found a contact form via the 'About' button - might be worth getting in touch that way



If your premium isn't appearing:

- Confirm your subscription status is showing as premium on your online overview.

- Log out and back in again ensuring you are using the correct details. 

- If that fails, a clean reinstallation of the application should kick it into gear for you.



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