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Someone else is using my Spotify account


Someone else is using my Spotify account

Hi there,


I've used my Spotify on a few laptops that haven't been my own, but have always signed out (to my knowledge). Lately, I've had my sessions paused due to signing in elsewhere, and have noticed random starred tracks in my account. I've just changed my password, but is there anything you can do to help?





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@deanmorgan10000 wrote:

My phone was stolen ad somebody has been using my Spotify; A: can I get them logged out so i can change the password, and B: is there a way to track an iPhone with this information? 



Welcome to the community 🙂 


You have come to the right place 😉 hopefully a staff member will see this post soon and clear the logins from your account. Unfortunately, it would be my guess that they will not be able to give you any tracking information relating to the phone unless it is requested by the police themselves for privacy reasons.



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Deanmorgan100000 - Just logged everyone out for you. We'd also suggest changing your passwords for both Spotify and Facebook, just in case.


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I'm having the same trouble! I've Changed my spotify password and Facebook also.

Can you do the same with me? Someone is using my profile!

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jginternational kassewyski -  done!


I've also set up a dedicated sticky thread to clean up this process. Please direct any further requests here.

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