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Someone else on my account.

Someone else on my account.

First off I'd like to say. this spotify support sucks. Where can I talk to someone in charge to help me with this matter?


I've had someone log on my spotify, how do I know? well. I have tons of playlists and songs created in a different language. My playlists renamed. It's Spanish. I have no idea how to speak Spanish. I want Spotify to ban this guy's IP for hijacking my account. But there's no way of being able to do so because all I can talk to is the community. What the F. I changed my password. I have no idea how he got in or she. I don't use the same password on any place.

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Here are the ways to get in touch with Spotify support:
Contact form:

Same here mate, nobody will help you here. They just post same sh*t about reseting your pasword or logout all devices, but this doesnt work at all. It's time to leave this garbage company because they obviously dont care about us.

Same thing happend to me. Lots of spanish and latin music, new playslists (deleted all mine), and he seems to be coming back throu devices.
Does anybody know if its a virus or what is going on?

Just for comparison - my hijacker is Marcos Moreno - is yours the same?

Same here, my premium account was upgraded to family! With 2 invitations sent to users I absolutely don't know. Find this very disturbing. Already changed my password and logged out all devices. And of course changed back to normal premium. But still no email from the official support after contacting the Facebook page.

This seems to be either a glitch or a virus. Cause all the cases I've read about involves spanish/latin music.
Yeah Spotify support is very quiet on this one... 
I've done all the recommended steps. If this occours again, it might be a good time to make the jump to Itunes music. 

I can't remember the name sadly.

I reinstalled my PC a while ago and so far - it doesn't seem like nothing has happened yet. I also removed all devices and changed passwords. Using an authenticator for my emails now too.

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