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Someone else using my account

Someone else using my account



I've not used Spotify a lot, and I mostly use it offline anyways. I also did not use it at all for a while.


Now. I cannot tell for sure that someone is using my account, maybe its just bugged? But anyways. First of all, when I log on on my phone, the name and pic at the bottom is not mine. It seems to me its connected to someone elses facebook account or something like that, because the picture changed not long ago. Before that, I thought it was just a nick Spotify gave my account. The name is says is "Ysuf Al-Samarrai".

Also, when I do play music while being online, the music sometimes stop and I get a message saying "Your account is in use somewhere else". I can just click play again to start tho...

I've tried connecting to my own facebook, but nothing is happening, the connect thing just closes. Does anyone know how I can ffix this? Can a mod or something check into it?



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Hey @Eirixoto,


First, check that your email address is correct in your profile page (not been altered by someone else) and change the password to a more secure one.


Then, there is option to sign out from all devices in your account's main control panel (at the very bottom).


That should logout of everything, including unrecognized devices.


To disconnect his Facebook, login to Spotify Desktop and unlink Facebook from within the app (Preferences > Disconnect from Facebook).


Hope it helps. 🙂


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Hello again,


I did check my email - it has not been changed. I changed my password, so that should be cool. I've also signed out from all devices, tho I also did that a few times before.

However, there is not option to disconnect from facebook. It just says connect to facebook, but when I do, nothing happens. I login, but the window just disappears and the buttons stays the same.

I don't know if changing the password has helped yet, we'll see, but the problem with the facebook is bothering me.

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