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Someone hacked my account

Someone hacked my account








Motorola Moto G4/Moto G 2013


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Windows 10


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Hi, I just wanted to state here that someone (or something) hacked my account 2 days ago (I didn't logged in for a couple of days until now). All my playlists were gone and there were 2 new ones (called 'HolyMary' and 'Trashbby'). Noone has my password except for 1 trusted person. This really concerns me, hope it won't happen again since I'm paying for this service.


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So sorry to hear about this happening. Have you consulted the person you gave your password to yet? Even though you trust them, perhaps something happened there that they are unaware about. That would be my first go-to. After that, I would try deleting the playlists and see if they come back. This will give you a good idea if it is a robot or person actually hacking your account. After this, I would monitor the times that you listen. Take advantage of the "Connect to a Device"/"Multiple Playback Platforms" and try to catch another person listening the same time you are. When you are using spotify and you log on with another device, it will show that you are playing a song. Use this and try to see if they/it is actually listening or if it was just a mistake. Hope you can get it fixed!




Good news! Spotify saves all your playlists (even if they get deleted). Go to Recover Playlist on your account page. You can restore all deleted playlists.


Also, change your password and sign out on all devices....This option is found on your main account page.


Hope this fixes your problem. 

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