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Songs not showing up under artist

Songs not showing up under artist

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So this has been going on for a few weeks and it still hasn't been fixed. At first I thought that this was a bug which is why I never reached out, but it has gone on for several weeks now and I need a solution ASAP.


Under some artists, there is an "album" category and "discography" category showing. However, it does not show all of their albums and discographies that the artist has released. On other people's accounts, all of their albums and discographies show up when they search up the artist, even the logged out version (when I am not logged into spotify with any account) shows their full discography and all albums. But once I log back into my account, all of the albums and discographies disappear. I have attached 2 photos to show how it looks before and after I log into my account.


I am positive that this isn't a country liscense issue either, as I have been listening to their music since they first debuted, and my friends who have a spotify account of the same country liscense can see their full discography and released albums. This issue is affecting my account and I cannot find a reason why and I need a solution as soon as possible. 


Please help me.


P.S. I have put this issue on the community before, which has suggested me to reinstall the app. It did not help on either my phone nor my laptop, or any other of my devices. It's also been updated to the latest version. It is clearly the account's problem. PLEASE fix it.




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Hey @tthowellxx.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


It looks like you're trying to access the artist on the web player based on the screenshots. If you're not logged in, then Spotify doesn't know which country your account is set to - it can only do that when you're logged in.


What's most likely happened is that a few months ago the artist has removed some of the albums that used to be previously available on Spotify. Bear in mind that the availability of music can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.


Just to confirm, are your friends in Hong Kong able to see more albums from the same artist than you? 


Keep us posted 😉

Hi @Peter,


Thank you for replying to my post.


Yes, my friends from Hong Kong and New Zealand (where I have been staying the past year) can all see more albums. My friends from both countries (with accounts set from both countries, if I'm making sense) are able to access their other albums as well. I use the app on the daily, and have tried reinstalling them but there has been no improvement.


I also recently discovered that another artist has their albums that they published from 2018 missing from my account. The common issue is that all these albums that are missing from the artist(s) on my account were published in year 2018. I don't know the causation of this problem, or if there is any correlation at all, but I believe there has to be some related bug connected/limiting to albums published in 2018.


I look forward to your reply, hopefully a solution.



Hey @tthowellxx.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It sounds like there might be an issue with the account itself.


Do you mind creating a new account to see if the albums appear again?


If they do, and you're seeing all the music as expected, then we suggest you transfer all your saved music over to the new account and then close the old one.

To do so, just follow the steps in this Spotify Answer to transfer your music over and then continue with the steps in this support article to close the old account.

Hi Peter,


Thank you for your help! Just a quick question though.


I have a whole family plan that is originated from my account, meaning I can control all my family members and everything. So how am I supposed to transfer that plan into my new account?


If I do create a new account, I am looking into deleting that old account. But I'm not sure if the family premium plan is still available on spotify. I tried to look for it but I could only see premium (like individually).


Looking forward to your reply.

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