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Spotify 3 month Premium Deal Question

Spotify 3 month Premium Deal Question

Guys when is the end date to make use of that offer? Is it going to be available through the whole December?

That really is all i want to know.

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Currently, there are 28 days left to apply for the offer, so yes, the offer will be available for the whole December.

Have a great day!

Whilst this is all nice. what about use loyal users who pay full price month in month out?

Anything for us for xmas?

If not I may well consider going to Apple instead.

Now thats a good question, haha! 🙂

Well no better way to piss customers off than to do this new customer deal crap

with the ability to choose from dozens of music streaming services and the ability to transfer playlists it's no longer a problem to leave.

Seems they are now worried about Apple Music, I assume that's what the free 3 months of family offer is all about.

Anyway an update. I am leaving on the 21st and will not return. I will move all my playlists soon using a program - but I did take advantage of the half price Urbanears headphones offer - so thanks for that 🙂

Apple Music family plan to stay,. 4 people on it for £14,99 a month you can't argue with that. 

i got three months of premium for 0.99c back in June and i just want to know when my three months of premium is over


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