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Spotify= Hustlers (NEED HELP!!)

Spotify= Hustlers (NEED HELP!!)

Okay so i tried spotify premium trial, also got another month of premium. Decided i dont use spotify enough to pay for it.

So i was going to cancell my subscription, but no. I cant at all, it says i type in wrong password but i dont..


I cant cancell my spotify i have tryed for about six months now and it still drags money from the account wich i REALLY cant afford, wtf spotify? I even mailed you several times about this problem and i get no help at all. I need help to end this account please!!


(When ever i try it says my password is wrong wich is not, as you can se am logged in here..)

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Try canceling on another web browser like Firefox, Chrome etc.

I use firefox. Same problem on IE.. This have costed me ALOT and i think this is not acceptable. Shame on you spotify

Keep in mind, I'm not a Spotify employee. I'm just Spotify user like you. 😉


However, Spotify provide support only by Contact form. In Community support is for general things like questions how to get Spotify, how to install it, how to use it etc.

Yes i know, answers to all you're senteces. But they dont help me at all, they told me to send me my paypal in one on the mail and they would cancel my subscription.. BUT I DONT EVEN USE PAYPAL!!

Jimpzi - If you could get back to our Customer Support team with the final 4 digits of your payment card, as well as the username of your account, they'll get the subscription cancelled. You should still be able to cancel your subscription from using your Facebook details to log in.

I would email back, but I can't seem to find your emails. Did you use the email address linked to your account at all?

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