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Spotify Social Not Working

Spotify Social Not Working

I can't get Spotify Social to work on my laptop or my mobile. This has happened before, but I am unable to resolve it as I had done in the past through changing the language settings.


Is this current problem specifically something affecting me or are many people also experiencing this? Can you tell me how to fix it please?



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Hello there,

Are you using Spotify at work at all? Or do you have any firewalls / antivirus programs running on your computer?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Social has never worked for me - on my work laptop (with proxy), home laptop (no proxy) or mobile (no proxy).  Every time I click on "People" it just hangs and leaves a blank screen.  I know at least one of my FB friends can see me, but I can't see any of my FB friends.


Can anyone please advise?



My spotify social is not working either. I have reinstalled 3 times, Changed language to english and disconnected from facebook. 


What else can I do? It's been 2 days.



I am also having this problem. It appears that this is a common recurring issue, see these two large threads for example:


For me this was one of the best features so this is very frustrating.

I have tried reinstalling, relinking etc. as posted in the other threads but nothing worked.

My spotify social is not working either, going on day 3. I have reinstalled 2 times, and nothing works. Why dont spotify fix it ?????

It's fine! I've decided I don't mind it gone anyway.

I guess they changed something as mine has miraculously started working again. I just hope it stays that way as apparently nothing we can do from the user end makes any difference!

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