Spotify Subscription Help

Spotify Subscription Help

I created a spotify account. The 48 hour trial ended. But on my computer and Galaxy s2 I can still stream music with a Spotify free subscription or account minus some premium features, but on my iPod and iPad with the same account It says I can only listen to radio. Why does my galaxy and computer still be able to stream music and everything? I've been using spotify on my galaxy for months now.
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Spotify mobile only works on a Premium subscription. Without one; mobile is not allowed (except for the radio on it).

Have you checked to see if you're logging in to 2 different accounts? If your Spotify works on S2; then there must be some kind of subscription on the s2 account. Perhaps the 30 day trial? It's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify login details!


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Thanks For your reply 🙂
Yeah I'm using the same account for sure but on the spotify website it says Im using Spotify free under subscription status and I'm not on the 30 day trial because it still asks if I want to use the 30 day trial. Maybe it's because though the android version of spotify is alot behind. That's just wierd though.

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