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Spotify account name weird code?

Spotify account name weird code?

Hello, just wondering if this can be fixed to my actual name like it was before? I believe discord managed to stuff everything up. Capture.PNG


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Hey @user-removed!


Have you created your Spotify account using your Facebook profile?



I have this problem

and I created with Facebook


Hey @user-removed & @AlexBarreto.


Thanks for letting me know.

Could you please check if you've deactivated the option "Process my Facebook data" in your Spotify Account? You can find it by visiting > Privacy Settings > Manage your data > Facebook data


Please let me know if this helps.


It seems like so. 979680FA-00D1-40D0-8D5B-42959AF86317.png


I would suggest that you just stick with the name currently assigned to you. It's a pretty cool name.

How do you pronounce it? Is the emphasis on the last 2?

Nah, there's no problem, just like my name to how it was when I first registered facebook to it.



Thanks for the screenshot. Since you've signed up with Facebook, Spotify needs to process Facebook data to correctly display your profile name. Please try switching on "Process my Facebook data" and close/re-open your Spotify app.


Let me know if that helps.


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