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Spotify does’nt work anymore

Spotify does’nt work anymore

Dear people, Spotify does’nt work any more. Eather on my Mac and Windows Vista laptop. What the hell is goiing on? Sie screendump.

Screemdump of failing Spotify
4 Replies

Check out this thread here:


Long story short, there is a preview version of Spotify that seems to fix this issue.  You may want to try installing that.  You can get the preview version here:


Confirmed - that fixed it for me ... although I just waited for Spotify to update itself to the new version, which it did this morning. You can either wait or download and install manually using the link above



Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

Ah...good to know it's been released!

sounds like a local PC/Mac problem. My BIG issue is that Spotofy sneaks into my start up menu (newly bought PC) WITHOUT asking if I want it to use it or not, and it won't quit unless I use windows task manager to forcibly shout it down. Really irritating!

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