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Spotify friends activity empty/not updating


Spotify friends activity empty/not updating







Operating System

Windows 10


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For several months (pretty much years at this point), my Spotify friends feed has not been updating, it only shows 1 friend I have, while it should have a dozen others. This has been going on for far too long for it to be a problem on my end as I have changed my devices, settings, and other things to try and fix it. I have reinstalled Spotify and my OS but nothing helps. I also see no friends through my Facebook integration even after disconnecting and reconnecting my Facebook profile multiple times. All my settings are the same as my friends and he can see his friend activity but I can't. I already posted about this problem once, and was told it would fix itself but that was months ago. This is very infuriating as it has been going for so long.

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Hey hey @Tonasj!


Thanks for reaching out on the Community!


The Friend Activity that shows for different users depends not only on one's personal settings, but also on the people that you follow.


In your screenshot we can see that you have the option ''Share my listening activity on Spotify'' on, which means that people that follow you should be able to see your activity. If you don't see people in your feed, it's possible that your friends have that option off and they need to turn it on.


Could you check with some of the people you follow if they have that toggle on? They can also try try refreshing the setting by togging it off and on again.


Hope this helps. Keep us in the loop here.

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Community Manager

See my earlier post folks:

  • We need your username, and the username of someone you are following.
  • Both of you have your sharing turned on, and are actively listening.
  • And you don't see each other's listening in the Friend Feed. 
  • We need explicit written permission from both of you.
  • So you and the other person need to either DM @Julian or post your usernames here.
  • We can't test this with one person's username and permission.  

Once we have this we can do some checking. Thanks all.

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Hi, thanks. I tried this and it doesn't work, including clearing cache, logging out/in of all devices, disconnecting/connecting Facebook / Spotify on respective platforms, uninstalling and installing desktop and mobile apps. One particular friend I know of is on Facebook with Spotify connected, and who already is able to view listening activities of others. They are not listed in my list of Facebook names when I try to "Find friends" to follow. No listening activity is showing up either, even when I have followed a whole bunch of other friends.


I recently posted an issue and was redirected here so that a more relevant team could check my account and help me fix the issue. Here's a link to my post:

In short, I can see other people's listening activity but they can't see mine, even with all the proper settings turned on, even after clean reinstalls, different devices, and different internet connections. This has been happening for over a year.


I give permission for someone to look at my account:

and my old account which I have been using to confirm that none of my friends can see what I'm listening to:


Thanks so much for helping out!



Same here, across devices.

Weirdly it was the same one friend that showed up for a while, then after a recent re-re-reinstall, it was a different friend (but still only showing the one!)

Hi, any updates?

Estou tendo o mesmo problema, o spotify ESTÁ ATIVADO O COMPARTILHAMENTO DO MEU AMIGO E O MEU, DIGO NOVAMENTE, ESTÁ ATIVADO AS DUAS CONTAS O COMPARTILHAMENTO, PRECISO DIZER NOVAMENTE?? OU ENTENDERAM QUE ESTÁ ATIVADO AS 2 CONTAS???? E mesmo assim não aparece o que meus amigos estão ouvindo, então não venha com **bleep** pronta pedindo para eu falar para meu amigo ativar a opção, pois como eu disse acima ja esta ativada.. Tem que repetir várias vezes porque parece que vocês nem lêem.. enfim, quero uma solução pra isso

I succeeded in adding friends without Facebook in the past -- now it seems impossible, even following all the ideas here:

What happened? Is it some kind of restriction?

I've also been having this problem hasn't been working for over a year my friend said that they could see my activity but I can't see anyone's its pretty infuriating at this point. I've triple checked all the settings and tried reinstalling and relogging in with no change.

I've had the same problem on both free or premium accounts and tried every method suggested several times over and in the period of almost a year now. All threads with this issue have been merged it seems, but no resolution.

Still having this issue as well. 

The settings are on but I can't even see my friends, it just keeps loading indefinitely. And it's been like that for more than one year.




still no updates? its been over a month

I have the same issue. My friends can not see what songs I am listening to. I can see their activity normally. I have all the appropriate settings turned on. 

What do? 

No update? I also have the same problem for over a year now. Spotify you need to help us!!!!

I have been having this issue for a year now. I can't see my friends listening activity and my friends can't see mine. I read almost all the solutions and posts on this thread and none of them work! I tried logging in and out many times, restarting Spotify, switches networks, uninstalling and re-installing the app, nothing, just nothing is working.  







Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

I can't see my follower's activity. I have reinstalled it twice and logged out about 15 time. My friend has even made sure their setting to allow me to see their activity was enabled. Is there anything else I can do? I feel like I have tried everything.

Thank You!

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