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Spotify hacked and password changed

Spotify hacked and password changed

my spotify has been hacked and the lead email adress has been changed to ********* and the password has also been altered. Therefore whilst being able to sign in through facebook and 'log out everywhere' I cant change the password thereby locking the hacker out. When I send a message through support it says it will send a response to the hackers email (************** and not my personal email. I dont know what to do, because they have an awful taste in music and are deleting all my playlists and saved songs


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Hey @fourspot1018, welcome to the Community!


Seems like your account has been comprimised. Contact SpotifyCares via twitter @SpotifyCares, or contact them via the contact form. This is a anonymous contact form so you will have to enter your email adress manually. Remember to log out of the hyjacked account.

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