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Spotify in Angola

Spotify in Angola



I'm from Portugal but I am currently in Angola and I lost access to Spotify because I've been more than 14 days out of Portugal now. When I enter in it says that if I have an account in another part of the world I can enter the web player normally, but I am unable to log in. Is there any way to use Spotify in Angola (an unlisted country)? Would it work if I subscribe? If I try Premium free for 30 days with payment data from Portugal will I be able to use Spotify in Angola?


Thank you in advance.

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Hey there @martafcs!


Currently, the only way to use Spotify abroad for greater than 14 days is to use Spotify Premium. The answer to the second part is yes! You can use the trial for the first 30 days, after which you would need to convert to a paid account. 

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