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Spotify is "offline" unless I connect via VPN

Spotify is "offline" unless I connect via VPN






Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ / HP Probook 440 G5

Operating System

Android 10 / Windows 10 Pro


My Question or Issue

I am connected to the internet and can access all other sites (and apps) successfully, but I encounter the following problems with my Spotify apps in both my mobile and desktop:


1. Both Spotify apps say I am offline even when I am connected to the internet. I'm on mobile data, and have no access to wi-fi. I have checked if the "Offline Mode" is ticked, and I am most definitely not offline in that regard. In my mobile, I tried clearing cache and updating the app, to no avail. On my desktop, I have looked into my firewall, and nothing seems wrong.

2. I cannot even visit the Spotify websites. The only reason I can access the Spotify site right now and post this in the community is because I have enabled my VPN. Every time I log out, I cannot log back in without the VPN. If I try, the mobile app would prompt "Something went wrong", and I would receive the firewall Error Code 8 in my desktop app.


Is there any way I can access the app without having to connect via VPN? Is the problem with my carrier network? In the past, I can access the apps/site without any issues, but lately, this issue keeps coming up. It would mean a lot if there's a workaround to this. The VPN I use is work-provisioned, and it would be a relief to not use this VPN configuration unless it's work related. 🙂


Thank you so much!

1 Reply

Hi there @erangvee,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Spotify is recommended to be used on a solid network connection or WiFi in order to work properly (VPN isn't recommended as a network connection as it can create more issues while using it).


Please at first, try using a public WiFi connection in order to see if you're still experiencing the same issues across your devices.


In addition, you can also check with your mobile provider type of service you're getting isn't blocking Spotify.


Hope this shed some light.

I'll be more than happy to provide more help if needed 🙂

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