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Spotify play station subscription

Spotify play station subscription

Hello my name is Harold am from Peru, my question is this:
On the web page:



Out that the membership has a cost of S / 5.99 after two months.
Then on the following website:
to subscribe I get another price.
$ 5.99
For what is this?

Hola mi nombre es Harold soy de Perú, mi consulta es la siguiente:
En la pagina web:
Sale que la membresia tiene un costo de S/5.99 después de los 2 meses.
Luego en la siguiente pagina web:
para poder suscribirme me sale otro precio.
¿A que se debe?



first web page.png
second web page.png
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Hi @harolre,


You can get in touch with Spotify through their Contact form to confirm the offer from your first link. On the other hand, the second link you've provided is a Premium subscription through Sony (I think you'll pay for Premium through Sony Wallet).

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