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Spotify processed a refund but it made me lose my account????

Spotify processed a refund but it made me lose my account????

I was using rdio and google music. Rogers offered me 2 years free if I got a certain plan. So I decided to try. Signed up for one month free and forgot to cancel. Once I saw I had been charged I canceled the paid service and activated a my 2 year Spotify account from Rogers. I the. Contacted Spotify for a refund. They finally processed refund but then said in the email that they would be reverting my account to free (Why?????) so I called Rogers back and they said they already activated it. I'm getting very frustrated as family is coming for Christmas and you went in and took away a 2 year promo I had when all I wanted was a refund for the accidental charge. I have emailed back with no response. I don't understand why you would cancel my free 2 year subscription. If this isn't taken care of I'm going to discontinue using Spotify and suggest others do the same. Even more frustrating that I cannot call to address this in a timely manner
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Hey @_kayhow!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback.


As you'd be paying via Rogers instead of Spotify, they'd be the ones managing your subscription. We'd suggest reaching out to Rogers again and ask them to activate it for you.


Our Support team usually replies within 24-48 hours.

If you've only received an automated reply so far telling you to check the help section or the community, try replying to it and one of our folks should help out.


Remember that you can also reach us via Twitter @SpotifyCares.

I already activated that a week ago right after I cancelled my paid subscription. Reverted to free. Called Rogers, activated promo. It was working fine until I asked Spotify to refund the money. Once they emailed me saying the refunded they also states they were cancelling my account and reverting to free. I tried to go through Rogers but they already applied the promo and then Spotify cancelled it.

I hear you. You should still try reaching out to Rogers again since they were managing your subscription, rather than Spotify.


If your account is still on the Free service, they should be able to activate that subscription for you.

I did. They say I already activated it. And I already verified with them when I got it working. If I would have never asked for a refund this would have all been fine. Because my premium service was a 2 year promo. Once the refund was issued they removed it and Rogers cannot re add it

Hmm, this sounds a bit strange. We'd suggest submitting a contact form directly and our Support team will take a closer look at your account.


You can try reaching out to us as well via Twitter @SpotifyCares.

Been done. I was told to contact Rogers. Which I did.

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