Spotify support asking for card numbers


Spotify support asking for card numbers


Hey. I just contact @SpotfiyCares via twitter for report a corrupt album. They said they need to refresh my account and remove my offline devices to solve the problem. They also wants me to give my date of birth and last digits on my payment card.. Is it legal? I gave the last 4 number of my credit card, does support really needs this for confirm an account?

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Think with me for a second:

If I was to find out your name, make a twitter account and contact Spotify support via that account. If they would not ask for date of birth and the last digits of the card that you pay with, then I could get them to, for example, change your email to mine. With a reason that I'm locked out of it or something.

They really need information that only you should be able to access.

Note that they only ask for the last few digits. If they where out for you card info they'd ask for your whole card number.

It's done for the your own account safety, it's perfectly legal and as long as it's Spotify's own support team it's fine. Anybody other than their support should never ask for anything like that info.

Hope I reassured you.


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