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Spotify unlimited i pay 4,99 euro pm

Spotify unlimited i pay 4,99 euro pm

Hello i'm an italian user. Two years ago I subscribe a Spotify Unlimited. There were three possibility basic that permitted you to use spotify gratis for two month, Unlimited that permitted you to use Spotify with advertising and just with internet connection ( 4,99 per month) and Premium the same of todays (9,99 per month).

Nowaday there are two possibility Basic and Premium.

I want to know if there is difference between Basic and Unlimited because i continue to pay 4,99. If there are not difference how can change to Spotify basic. In case to cancel my subscription, i have to change e-mail and account to subscribe the Spotify basic ?


Thanks to the collaboration.



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Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this up. At this moment, our Unlimited subscription isn't available anymore. If you'd like to change it, your only option would be our Premium subscription. Just keep in mind you won't be able to take the Unlimited one again. Let us know if you need anything else. 


Keep on rocking 🙂

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