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Spotify will not let me log in? (error code 3)

Spotify will not let me log in? (error code 3)

A few days ago spotify logged me out of all my devices and asked me to log back in. When attempting to log back in it just says incorrect password, and on the desktop version it says incorrect password (error code 3). Naturally I decided to just reset my password, but after requesting about 5 or 6 password resets with both my username and email, spotify not once sent an email to reset the password. I looked up what people were doing when confronted with error code 3, but people were just saying to use your username instead of email and it should work. This has not been the case for me, and I can't find any old emails to reset the password for my account. I can also assure you I am putting the correct password in and not copying and pasting it. I hope someone could help me with this issue. Thanks.

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Also to clarify, this is a second account that I made just for posting this.

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