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Starring Feature disappeared

Starring Feature disappeared

It looks like we lost starring as a feature since the redesign of the desktop app.

- I can see all my starred items in the `Starred` folder from the left sidebar

- I no longer see a star icon, button or call to action for starring a track


I bet I'm not the only one, am I?


Please bring this feature back! I can't imagine too few people use it.

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This is very irritating. Get the starring function back, or loose another longtime customer!

OK this is regression guys, which by all means are to be avoided - reprioritize it please and let us know when you're planning to deliver it.


I'm sharing @rimax's feeling.

Starring has been replaced by the new Your Music system, which allows you to save songs, as well as albums and artists. The new system is still in it's infancy, so changes are still happening - if you have a search on the community you will find several large topics of feedback about the feature, and you are not alone in wanting starred back. 


For the time being, Your Music is here to stay, one of the staff members did outline some future planned changes over on the main discussion topic. There is also more information about the starred playlist (which continues to exist) and Your Music in the help pages here and here

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