Stolen Spotify Account FYI Only


Hi All


This was an interesting one, for a few weeks i have been getting kicked off when i play spotify via my smart tv app (someone else is playing music on your account). I didnt think much of it as my wife sometimes uses it. So i just starting fighting her for it!.


I asked her and she said errr no!. So today i noticed my app at work was playing some indian music, i stopped it and it started again moments later.


Fascinated by this i played some really terrible music to which my account stealer knew i was onto him and played a lovely titled song labelling me a four letter word!!.


Turns out i should of paid attention to the email i got from because from some of the sites that have been  using got compromised and i used the same username and password in spotify.


Needless to say, changed the password and logged all instances out and all is well. Be wary people, trixy peoples out there 🙂



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