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Student Subscription Payment Error

Student Subscription Payment Error

I'm trying to re-subscribe for my student premium and everytime I try to put my card info in it keeps giving me the "Oops, seems your card or payment provider is having a bad day. Don't worry, no money has been charged. Try again or use another payment method." error. I emailed support and they told me to call my bank and make sure that: 

  1. Make sure your card hasn’t expired.
  2. Enable your card for online transactions (Verified by Mastercard for example).
  3. The payment card’s country must match the country in your Spotify profile.
  4. The card must be open for foreign purchases.
  5. Some banks will require further security authentication, such as 3DSecure.

My bank sent me an authorization saying there was nothing wrong with my card and all these requirements were met and I'm still getting this error. My subscription ended Sept 4 and it hasn't let me put my payment info in for 3 days. 

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Hey @hstal1216!


We'd recommend using a different payment method if possible, or trying again with a different web browser, an incognito window, and deleting caché/cookies. If the issue continues, get in touch with us directly through Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle, or on our Facebook page.

We'll be happy to help you sort this out.

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