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Student discount with existing premium account

Student discount with existing premium account

Hey there!

I just found out about the student discount and wanted to make use of it, but I am already a user of Spotify with a Premium Account (paying 9,99 each month). When I tried to use the discount, the website got me to a "new premium account order" where I was able to sign in with a credit card number etc.

Is there any possibility to just "switch" my account to the one with a student discount?

Thank you already and kind regards,


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If you log in your account and go to the discount section, it will give the discount without charging more. dont worry!

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Hey there! 

I got the same problem like you! 
So what did you do? Were you able to get the discount? And did you follow the steps which were recommended by the answering guy?


Thanks in advance! 🙂

I read some posts earlier saying people needed to cancel their current subscriptions then re-subscribe using the student page so that may be worth a try. Don't worry, you will still get all of the premium time you have already paid for.

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This link helped me update my current premium account to the spotify student account.

Why does Spotify make signing up for the student discount so difficult?! I've had a premium account for over a year now and recently found out about the student discount. I'd like to sign up for the discount without having to cancel my premium subscription because I'm afraid of losing all of my music and playlists. Is this possible? Also, why don't they offer more support? They don't even have a "contact us" tab anywhere on their websit! So frustrating! Is anyone else having this issue??? 

the same here! am really sad about the missing "contact us"-tab ;(
Pls Keep me informed, if u find a solution! 😉

I just switched over to student and it was extremely painless.


I canceled my premium subscription (which was probably totally unnecessary, but I did just for good measure) and then immediately signed up under the student discount website. I won't be charged until my usual bill date, so I'm not going to miss a day of premium and I'm also not being charged twice for any days. Nothing in my account was altered, including saved playlists and friends. 


I know you're scared it'll hurt something but I promise, all I needed was a few clicks and re-enter my CC info, and it's half price from now on. Everything is exactly the same. I wish I had done this ages ago!!/article/US-Student-Discount-FAQ

ive verified my student information but everytime i try to finalize my order it says somethings wrong with my card. my bank has shut off my card twice so far because they see it as a fraud purchase because it keeps charging my car $0.00. i still dont have premium, so now what? why wont it accept my visa credit card?

Hi i don't know if this will work for you but it worked for me 

i typed in google upgrade spotify  premium account  with unidays 

and you go on the unidays webiste rather than spotify and then it upgrades once you've logged in and verified 


You don't even have to cancel your current account. Just enter your CC info (on the Start spotify student page) then fill out the next page with your name and college info and spotify will change your subscription.

Hey, I had the same problem too. But the solution is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your Spotify account on a Laptop or Desktop
  2. Go to this link to UPGRADE to Spotify Student ---> student upgrade
  3. Click "Get Premium"
  4. Enter Credit Card information and click submit
  5. Enter your First and Last Name, as well as your school name to verify that you're a student and click submit.
  6. There should be a verification of your status and the upgrade will automatically be changed in your account.

For me once I went through these steps I went to my "account" and looked under "acount overview" and it said the following, "Your subscription will automatically renew on2016-01-25 and you'll be charged $4.99 + tax." 


Everything is taken care of and you will be charged the $4.99 price rather than the $9.99 price from the point of upgrade forward. Also, you will not be charged twice.


Hope you found this helpful!


Hi! I just discovered the student discount and was worried i would lose all my music and playlists if i unsubscribed from my premium account so I just put my info into the student discount boxes and it changed my subscribtion to student premium! I ont be charged twice and I will now only be charged with the discount so hopefully this helps you guys out too!

This is exact how it worked for me too.  Thanks!

Hi there,

I know it takes you to a page that looks like it's asking you to sign up for premium again even though you already have a premium account, but I just entered my card details again and went along with it and it just changed my subscription to 4.99 so don't worry and just go along with it 👌🏼👌🏼



I have a Premium acount of Spotify. I read that now is being active a promotion to members get an acount for 0.99€ in the first three months. I ask: And for me that are paying for some time the regular price, there isn't discount for me? You could made some previlege to more old members. I will be waiting or in a while I will go back to free version.


Keep the good work.


Thank You

I followed with your instuctions, so I won't be charged for both Premium & Student? It will correct itself behind the scenes and I'll be paying for Student?


So I bought the years worth of Spots for $99 in December, will I get some kind of refund or something once I sign up for the student deal?

Hi folks, 

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

In order to change your subscription from regular Premium to the student discount, you'd need to head here and follow the required steps for the SheerID verification process.

After that, you'll receive an email confirmation from SheerID. Then, just click on Get Discount and follow the steps to register your payment method again, and your next payments will be for the discounted price.


Remember that the student discount has a duration of 12 months and can be renewed for up to 4 years. 

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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