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Subscription mistake

Subscription mistake

I heard of an offering (0,99€ for three months), which I found really attractive so i figured I'd start using Spotify again after a break for a couple of years. Then it turns out I did not get the special offer altough it always was my intention to do so.
Now 10€ have been withdrawn from my bank account for one month standard usage instead.
This would normally not concern me so much, cause I don't usually run around chasing offers... But now that I did, I'm quite irritated to lose 29,01€ over three months because of a misunderstanding (I taught it would automatically include this offer since I'm activating my account for a good future forward within the validity of the proposal). Hopefully someone knows how to sort this problem out for me. I hope "Spotify" can understand this mistake, but I wouldn't be surprised either if their GTC quite well exludes these kind of errors...

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I would just like to say, I absolutely loath companies such as this one that automatically enroll you into subsciptions without prior consent. ( or writing it in small print so you don't see it). I've just checked my statements and have been charged for 4 months after taking a free trail at £9.99. This is robbery if you ask me and companies such as spotify amazon and insurance providers deserve everything negative that happens to them...

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